Power Women 232 wins Sisters Choice Awards

Sisters Choice Awards honours (SCA) women who have made a mark in their respective sectors, women who make Sierra Leone and Africa Proud. It was created by Blessing Kumba Dugba an Event Planner who saw the need for women to celebrate their own. It is showcased by her brand, FB Customised Weddings and Events.

This event since its debut in 2017, is set out to change the myth surrounding women not supporting each other with each new year it renews hope in the new generation of women. On the 27th of April 2018, marking our 57th Independence anniversary as the nation of Sierra Leone, people from different industries, distinguished personalities such as the first Lady of Sierra Leone (Mrs. Fatima Bio) and Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown (Madam Yvonne Aki- Sawyerr) came through in their best regalia in support of SCA.

The categories up for honours create the scope for every profession to be nominated recording 62 nominees for 2018; with awards ranging from lifetime achievement, agriculture, best hairdresser, sports personality, made in SL product, make artist, young entrepreneur to name but a few. Communities and organisations led by women are also acknowledged ranging from religious associations, civil society and networks.

When the nomination for Power Women232 was announced this year, it was something to be proud of as a network, as our singular aim is to create an ecosystem of professional and entrepreneurial women who promote career advancement and leadership development. This joy was heightened when we realized that other members had been nominated for their work in various sectors. These nominations came reassuringly from the people whom we serve judiciously in our everyday life, our community. As always it is a great feeling to be appreciated for your role and effort in society. On the day of the event, the Power Women232 came out dazzling royally in Africana also celebrating a host of sisters who rule the runway in Sierra Leone and around the world, brands such a Hen Nyandei(the designer is Laura Williams, a power women 232 member) and MadamWokie( brand by Mary-Ann KaiKai).

We were honored to receive the award for ‘Best Female Organization of the Year’ at the 2018 Sisters Choice Awards.

It is noteworthy that our current President Dr. Fanny Koroma won Best Female Medical Practitioner 2018, Vice President of Power Women 232, Ariana Oluwole won Best Female Educationist 2018 and a founding member Alitta Ansu-Katta won an award for the Best Female Entrepreneur 2018.

Probably the most remarkable thing about SCA is not the awards but the fact that they are building the stage for such recognition. It is not only a way of celebrating accomplishments but it can be a source of inspiration for other people aspiring to go far in life.

The highlights of the event were marked by performances done by renowned Sierra Leoneans in the entertainment industry and presentations made by personalities from both the public and private sectors; we could not help notice the applauding array of local and international sponsors. As a network we are grateful to our community who has supported us through various community projects and gracefully celebrated with us through various accomplishments. We hold dear to the fact that power women 232 also won an award with SCA in 2017 for the best collaborating organization.

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