There are networks and then there are NETWORKS. We believe there are levels to everything and well let’s just say Power Women 232 network is serving up some of the leading women in business in Sierra Leone. This powerful network has successfully positioned itself as the entry point and connector to the movers and shakers of Businesses in Sierra Leone.

Here are the top five business lessons we have learned from PowerWomen232’s success in Sierra Leone. Business women around the world, particularly young female entrepreneurs in the market for smart and digestible tips to propel your ideas to success, take note!

1. Create a high-end social event with influencers who enhance the growth of your business.

Recently Power Women 232 a women professional network held its inaugural ball entitled “The Net Worth Ball.” The event which was held on Jun. 4 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, educated multiple discipline professionals on how to leverage networks to build fruitful and long-lasting relationships. The event convened over 200 of Sierra Leone professionals who walked away with some very affirming relationships, business contacts and even job opportunities.

2. Develop strategic business relationships for your growth.

Power Women 232 links powerful business leaders to start ups, entrepreneurs and other new business owners, via a series of incubator-like events, that are laser focused on disseminating tips and strategies to develop powerful and successful ventures.

Recently the organization hosted influential women’s rights activists, such as the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, H.E. Mrs. Zainab Bangura, as well as the President of Union Trust Bank Limited Sierra Leone, Sanpha Koroma. Cultivating relationships to high profile individuals ensures that aspiring business owners are building the right relationships with individuals they need to enhance their businesses.

Alittu Ansu Katta, owner of Eat Smart SL, a catering company providing healthy and affordable meals to Sierra Leone professionals, echoes our sentiments about the importance of having a powerful network behind your business plan. Katta benefited greatly from the Power Women 232 network, in the form of funding and lead generation, two things she would have worked twice as hard to acquire had she not been introduced to Power Women 232.

3. Work life balance is key to strengthening business ties.

The women behind Power Women 232 do it all; from Event Planning, to providing courier services, operating Day Care Centers, as well as Hair and Beauty Salons, they still find a way to keep family at the heart of everything they do. The Networth ball as much as it was a professional space for nurturing business ideas, it was also a forum for the women to celebrate their successes with their supporters, family partners and key stakeholders.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility is important for new partnerships for your business.

Upon entering the corporate scene in 2014, Power Women 232 immediately saw the need to use their revenue to do good in the Sierra Leone. They immediately started by making great strides during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, to provide food and healthcare supplies for providers on the front line of the epidemic.

According to Yeniva Sisay-Sogbeh, president and founder of Power Women 232, though the organization is for-profit, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of their business operations. CSR provides them with the opportunity to create value and give back to their community. Later this year, the organization will partner with Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone (GESSL) — a non-profit organization in Sierra Leone that teaches girls how to become inspirational leaders — to launch a mentorship program entitled “Aspire”. Philanthropic and public health Initiatives like this one with GESSL and their work on Ebola, has positioned Power Women 232 as a socially conscious organization with a heart for serving the community. A value proposition like this can open more doors to potential new partners and sponsors for the organization.

5. Align yourself with people who are going to increase your Net worth.

Power Women’s “Networth ball” was nothing short of amazing. The caliber of guests who attended the event illustrates just how much the organization understands the value of building one’s net worth. Some of the special guests included Sierra Rutile Limited CEO (SRX: London Stock Exchange), John Sisay, CEO of Gento Group, Mohamed Gento Kamara, H. E. Ms. Isata Kabia, Minister of State II of Sierra Leone, Isata Kabia, , Minister of Internal Affairs, H.E. Mr. Palo Conteh, Minister of State I Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Gibril Sesay, and Minority Leader of Parliament, Bernadette Lahai. With powerful men and women leaders like this in one room, let’s just say networking commenced as soon as the event doors opened up.

Originally published by MUI Daily

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