Financial Secretary


 ISATA GEORGE-SANKOHis a graduate from the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. She currently heads the Finance Department at the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD-SL), an organization that focuses on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Sierra Leone. Her professional life sees her supporting projects aimed at improving the economic livelihoods of Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs and their communities, a role she is very passionate about. She previously worked with the West African Banker’s Association.


In her spare time, Isata helps to manage a logistics company. Helping them keep proper financial records and ensuring that there are financial controls. Isata is a consummate finance professional who is knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to her work.  She has more than six years’ of progressive experience in Finance, administration and project funds management and has a passion and drive that enables her to succeed.  Isata currently serves as the Financial Secretary for Power Women 232.


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